Invented by Animals

Wide Eyed Editions, April 2021
Winner of the Blue Peter Award ‘Best Book with facts’ 2022

Invented by Animals

How did the kingfisher help to make the speedy bullet train quieter and even speedier? How did the shark help to create super-fast swimsuits that were so fast they were banned from the Olympic Games? Might an octopus hold the recipe for an invisibility cloak? In this book you will meet some of the animal inventors who have inspired amazing inventions and helped us to solve tricky problems. You’ll never look at bats, dung beetles, jellyfish and lots of other animals the same way again.

Age 7 to 12


"This fun book explores some of the ways creatures’ cool characteristics have influenced design."

National Geographic Kids – Fact book of the month, July 2021

Invented by Animals

"Packed full of information, it is extremely accessible and enticing, using humour and attractive illustrations to engage the reader from the moment they pick it up. […] Completely absorbing, ‘Invented by Animals’ inspires a different way of looking at our amazing world!"

Longlisted for the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award

Invented by Animals

"A real celebration of animals often being steps ahead of humans when it comes to technology. […] This is another great non-fiction book from Wide Eyed which is fascinating in its own right but is also full of potential for curriculum work."

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