How we make stuff

Templar, 2012
Winner of the English Picture Book Award, non-fiction 7-11, 2013

How we make stuff

Where do our clothes come from? What are rubber ducks made of? What's the link between gorillas and mobile phones? Does chocolate grow on trees? Answering these questions and many more, ‘How We Make Stuff’ is an engaging exploration of the way we design, produce and dispose of everyday products.

Age 7 to 12


"Christiane Dorion and Beverley Young … inspire thinking about the planetary impact of our need for stuff."

Nature, 6 December 2012, vol. 492

How we make stuff

"Thought provokingly written, it transmits powerful messages about the environment without preaching. One can well imagine a huddle of heads in a book corner, poring over this book, fascinated and transfixed!"

English 4-11 Picture Book Awards 2013 Review, English Association

How we make stuff

"Playful, creative and educational, ‘How we make stuff’ offers a hands-on introduction to circular economy principles and packs many real-life examples to which young readers can relate. Author Christiane Dorion and illustrator Beverley Young have created a very entertaining and informative pop-up book, which opens readers to the exciting possibilities of the future!"

Ellen MacArthur

‘Imagine a chair’ is a short film based on ‘How we Make Stuff’ by Christiane Dorion, animation by Louis Roy.