How the Weather Works

Templar 2011
Shortlisted for the ALCS Award for Educational Writing 2013
Shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2012
Winner of the American Meteorological Society's Louis J. Battan Author's award 2012

How the Weather Works

Why do hurricanes happen? What is a tornado? Why does it snow? What’s the difference between weather and climate? Tackling both normal and extreme scenarios, this pop-up book explores the world’s scorching, stormy, sensational weather. It also helps children to understand better how human activities are influencing the Earth’s climate.

Age 7 to 12


"A colourful yet subtly illustrated picture book which explains how the weather works in a simple and fun manner, making this a fascinating read for children who live in a land of ever-changing climatic conditions!"

Judges for the 2013 ALCS Award for Educational Writing

How the Weather Works

"We loved this beautiful and imaginative book … the pop-ups aren’t just there for decoration, but are thoughtfully used to explain the science behind the weather."

Shortlisting panel from the Royal Society, May 2012

How the Weather Works

"Uniquely interactive and visually stimulating, this stunning and informative book engages readers of all ages in a variety of atmospheric science topics."

American Meteorological Society

‘Penguins and Polar Bears’ is a short film based on ‘How the Weather Works’ by Christiane Dorion, produced in collaboration with WWF, animation by Louis Roy.